Everything and nothing.

Not moving anymore. Sigh. Hopefully will be able to find a place with a friend within the next 2 months though.
Cleaning my room is fun. Kinda. Annoyed with my BSP group for not participating and being adequately excited about the final. Still confused about being a happy single, but am friggin happy about it :D Taking my green smoothies to a new level: will start adding broccoli to the mix (apparently too much spinach is bad for you). Want uni to start. Am officially enrolled for both CS and HR now. Awesomeness. Have started to crave meat. Am resisting. Ordered a book ( on Amazon which will hopefully give me enough reasons to go officially vegetarian (ovo-lacto). Yeah.
Uhm. My dread fascination grows stronger every day and I WANT MY HAIR TO GROW. Or even better START KNOTTING :D Which is pretty unlikely, considering its length, but still.

3 months, 2 weeks:

Just a couple of (positive) things:

1. my BSP group and I GOT INTO THE FINAL (which actually made me make a very undignified squealing/screaming noise when Boyan told me xD)
2. I'm MOVING!!! Hopefully within the next two weeks O_O Finally, I'm getting out of this hellhole! (I'm so unbelievably excited about the whole process... even the thought of packing makes me happy :D)
3. I've asked to enroll for both Communication Studies and Human Resource &Quality Manangement (henceforth known as CS and HR)... here's hoping they'll let me do both =)
4. new uni schedule ain't half bad
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Lifestyle -edit-

Today I came to two conclusions:

1. Pizza is icky. Full of bad stuff. And it doesn't taste good either (don't ask me when that happened)

2. I'm no longer buying meat. Meaning I'm going ovo-lacto-vegeterian. Though I probably won't say no if someone tells me to eat something with meat in it. I've been making sure to eat it every so often, because I thought there was some kind of health benefit to it. But after doing some research today, it seems the only thing I have to be wary of is a Zinc deficiency, though I believe I can eat to avoid that one as well. I would be lying if I said I'm doing it for ethical or moral reasons. I just don't like the taste of meat all that much. And it's a hassle to store and prepare, imho.

In other news: we pwnd our BSP presentation, and I hope hope hope that we actually get into the final! :)

We look like the Mafia.

2 months, 3 weeks, 2 days

I'm estimating my hair is roughly 3 cms long at the moment. That's a bit more than 1cm every month. That means it should be roughly 9cms in June, on my birthday. To compare and for your viewing pleasure:

This me with 10-15cms of hair (depending on the layer you look at)
and this is me now (or, well, last week. With Sina! <3) DO ignore my expression...

Grow hair GROW!!!
Point is, by the time it reaches the length of the first pic, I'm hoping it will start to lock up on it's own... at least a little...
I miss them :(

Hair growth

Tomorrow it'll be 1 month and 3 weeks.
This picture was taken yesterday. Note the little tufft which insisted on pulling of the 'bed hair' look (25 mins after waking, heading to uni).

People keep commenting on how quickly it's grown.

I should be working on my English presentation concerning Esperanto right now.

Joshua Radin <3

I need you to know this won't be broken
And that all we said will not be lost into the dawn
And you would be the last thing I saw coming
I'm still surprised


You looked like the sun
I was the only one
Who could stare until you were done shining on me
And as we drank our wine and let the world fade away
The sunrise tried to end it while we tried to stay


It hasn't felt like this before
It hasn't felt like home before you
And I know its easy to say
But its harder to feel this way
And I miss you more than I should
Than I thought I could
Can't get my mind off of you...


Heya peoples!

I was home in Germany over the weekend and it was gooooooooooooooooood. Really good. I mostly hung out with my big bro, Luke, and he made me start watching Avatar (the series) and we watched the final season of IT Crowd and Remember Me and ate junk food and stayed up 'til 3 or 4...
Also I met Johannes' (previously known as: Piano Dude) boyfriend, cos they were visiting too. And he's cute and nice so everything is good! :)

Can't wait to get rid of my hair. And it feels like we have holidays already, but that's just cos I have no class tomorrow...

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I realise I haven't updated this properly in a long time. Not as long a time as the last blog, but... :D That would be terrible :D I'm gonna try and be less friends-only about this as I used to be... so... here ya go :D

Anywho. I'm going to go bald soon. Yes, you read that right. No, its not a early midlife crisis. I just like the though of being bald, and then letting it grow back... into dreads, of course. And of course there will be pics.

Ermm... studies are going fine, if not a tiny bit stressful (guess who's procrastinating at this very moment in time!!)  and yah. I'm fine, btw, for those who could read my last post. Seriously. I don't think I've ever recovered this fast from a breakup. Must be the awesomeness of the guy :D no, really.

Apart from thaat... hmmm. nothing much to add, except that I really need to start working on Logistics now...